MBP Rules of Contest

MBP Rules of Contest



Mishnayos Baal Peh Program

Once again Cheder Menachem will אי"ה be having a school wide Mishnayos Baal Peh Contest. The purpose of this contest is to enable us as Talmidim and children of the Rebbe to give the Rebbe a birthday present in honor of  י"א ניסן, a present from which the Rebbe can derive much נחת.

 The contest also gives you, the Talmidim an opportunity to gain in your personal knowledge and study of Torah and to be a part of those who bring about change to the world and ultimately the revelation of Moshiach through the study of Torah Baal Peh, as it is explained in the teaching of Chassidus, and specifically the teachings of the פריערדיקער רבי  and the Rebbe.

 The program also gives you the opportunity to earn wonderful Seforim as prizes for you to add to your personal library in your חדר צבאות ה' as the Rebbe so much wanted.

 Enclosed in this booklet you will find the rules for the Mishnayos Baal Peh Contest as well as many general knowledge concepts, which you can learn by heart and earn points for.

 Wishing you much הצלחה,


1.    The Mishnayos Baal Peh contest will begin Yud Shvat and end Yud Alef Nissan.

2.    You must first get tested on the 12 Pesukim, Asher Yotzar, Borai Nefoshois, and Al Hamichya before proceeding to get tested on anything else.

3.    You will be tested in order. Once you start learning a Perek of Mishnayos Baal Peh you must work on completing that Perek before continuing on to another Perek.

4.    You may only get tested by Rabbi Heidingsfeld, Rabbi Greenbaum, your Rebbe or by one of the designated testers who are assigned.

 You must be able to say what you want to be tested on by       heart perfectly, with no mistakes.

5.    When saying Siddur, if you make a mistake, you must learn it over, practice again, and when you are ready, be retested

6.    In Mishnayos or Tanya, you will pass with a maximum of one mistake per Mishna or per 3 lines of Tanya. If you make more than one mistake, you must review and be retested.

       Requirements to earn 1 Blue

One line of Tanya = 3 lines of Mishnayos



Kitah Alef

·         2 Lines of Mishnayos

·         2/3 lines of Tanya

·         3 of the 12 Pesukkim



Kitah Bais

·         2 ½ Lines of Mishnayos

·         4/5 (0.83) lines of Tanya

·         3 of the 12 Pesukkim


Kitah Gimmel               

·         2 ½ Lines of Mishnayos

·         4/5 (0.83) lines of Tanya

·         3 of the 12 Pesukkim


Kitah Daled                        

·         3 Lines of Mishnayos

·         1 Line of Tanya

·         4 Of the 12 Pesukkim

Kitah Hey                               

·         3 ½   Lines of Mishnayos

·         1 1/6 line of Tanya

·         4   Of the 12 Pesukkim


Kita vov                                 

·          4 Lines of Mishnayos

·          1 1/3 lines of Tanya

·          6 of the 12 Pesukkim


Kitah Zayin                        

·          4 ½ Lines of Mishnayos

·          1 ½ lines of Tanya

·          6 of the 12 Pessukim


Kitah Ches         
·          5 Lines of Mishnayos


·          1 2/3 lines of Tanya

·          6 of the 12 Pessukim

Minimum amount of lines to be tested on at one time;



Kita א & ב- 1 Line

Kita ג & ד – 2 Lines

Kita ה & ו – 3 Lines

Kita ז & ח – 3 Lines



You have to be tested on the amount of at least 2 blues at a time.



Grade 3 and Up:

You must be tested on at least 3 Blues at a time

 ·     Double points can be earned for doing something completely after previously doing it in halves-(for example if someone in Kita Vov did a Perek of Mishnayos which has 6 Mishnayos in it, in 3 parts-2 Mishnayos at a time, and then learns the whole Perek at one time he doubles his points (this means that he receives points again for it. So in total he will have double points). 

·     Learning a whole Masechta at one time earns triple points.


 5 Blues = 1 Yellow

5 Yellows = 1 Red

5 Reds = 1 Gold

5 Golds = 1 Crown



The prizes that will be given as reward for you efforts will be in the form of Sefarim.

Every blue learnt Baal Peh is worth 20 cents of prize money towards Sefarim (yellow = $1.00, red = $5.00 etc.)

Towards the end of Adar a list of Seforim and their worth will be given to you and you will be able to choose the Seforim of your choice (up to the amount you earned).

The prizes will IYH be presented at a special ceremony to be held IYH around Shavuos time.


For more info, please email MBP@ChederMenachem.com