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Welcome Back

Boruch Hashem the year has gotten off to a good start with many happy new and returning Talmidim excited to start their new year.

Winners of Chitas Competition

Mazal Tov the winners of the raffle for the מבצע לימוד חת"ת

 Tikkun Leil Shovuos – Shmuel Dovid Raichik – 4

 Complete your set of Rebbe Cards – Levi Brod – 5

 Set of Walkie Talkies – Mendel Lipsker – Pre 1A

 Silver-plated Becher – Menachem Mendel Heidingsfeld – 2B

 Stories of Tzadikim – Mendey Kornfeld – Pre1A

Chitas Mission

As a preparation for Gimmel tammuz and to add in our Hiskashrus to teh Rebbe, a new chitas Program has been launched. Read more about it in the newsletter or click here to access the fill out pages fopr Friday to Sunday

Chinese Auction online

The Cheder Chinese auction is coming up. You can order prizes and see information online at

Passing of Mr Aftandelian

It is with profound grief and sadness that we inform you of the sudden passing of our esteemed General Studies Principal, Mr. Sergei Aftandelian.

“Mr. A”, as he was fondly known, was an outstanding educator who understood our students’ needs and respected Cheder Menachem’s principles and values. He encouraged and supported the teachers and was admired by all. His presence and contribution to our school will be deeply missed.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to his wife and three young children, and to his parents and his brother. May they find comfort and solace in  knowing that he dedicated his life to enhancing and developing the minds and lives of our students.

We will be forever, grateful.

The Staff and Students of Cheder Menachem

Newsletter has been uploaded

This week's newsletter is now online under the "Newsletters" tab.

Yud Shevat

Farbrengens for all grades today

Iin a spirit of Hakhel, grades pre1a-4 participated in a world-wide webcast Hakhel rally, organized by Tzivos Hashem headquarters.

Mishnayos Baal Peh booklets were given out and testing started.

For more info, please send an email to

Mishnayos Baal Peh

This year's MIshnayos Baal Peh program starts IYH on Wednesday Yud Shevat.

The boards are already up, and Talmidim are excited to begin the program

Purim Shuttle now online

The Purim Shuttle for 5769, Year of Hakhel, is now online. Please go to to make your order

Ach Katan

Talmidim from the 3rd and 8th grades gathered in the Cheder shul for the first of their monthly Ach Katan learning sessions. The talmidim of the 8th grade, with the help of their Rebbi, prepared a small Sicha of the Rebbe discussing the importance of Zayin Cheshvan. They were then paired up with one or more talmidim from both 3rd grades and taught them the sicha. Many of the 3rd grade talmidim were able to repeat the Sicha over to their Ach Gadol by the end of the period.

Cheder Ends on Fridays at 1:00 pm

Please be aware that as of last Friday, dismissal on Friday, erev shabbos is at 1:00 pm

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