Cheder Menachem

Invites all students and parents


To our 20th annual ה' טבת  bookfair

 in fulfilling the Rebbe’s directive regarding the day of ה' טבת   that every individual, including children, should purchase seforim and expand their personal libraries.


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New! Mezibuz 2 - Comics

15.95 $13    


A boat docks at a mysterious remote island....

How do you sail across the ocean on a handkerchief?

A top commander insists that his soldiers' training take the most roundabout route...

And why would the Baal Shem Tov ask a poor person for his very last piece of bread?

Get all the answers in the new thrilling graphic comics - Mezibuz 2.

H\C, 44 pages, 8.5 x 12. Published by: Malchus Haketer

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For this year's full pricelist, please click here


We are offering

 discounts between 10 – 50% on

Kehos Seforim and books

Sichos in English Seforim and books

Hachai children’s books

And some more


To order and pay online, you may do so by sending via paypal to, using friends and family, and in the notes section, write which books you want.



The bookfair will take place IY”H

on Thursday, ה' טבת, January 2nd during Cheder hours. Parents are welcome to come by and see the selections.


  Samples of books and Seforim will be displayed and Talmidim will have a chance to place an order for seforim at a discounted price. Each class will have time to come in and look at the books. They do not need to bring money with them on the day, but rather they will receive a book list and order form, where they can write down which seforim they want to order, which should be taken home, and with parents' approval brought back to Cheder with payment. Orders will need to be back in Cheder by Monday to guarantee the Hei Teves sale pricing.

For more information, please email