Schoolwide Learner Outcomes


Cheder Menachem will prepare its graduates to be:

Academic Achievers who:

  • Conduct themselves according to Torah values, Chassidic Philosophy and the Cheder’s academic grade-level standards.

  • Perform with self-confidence and enjoy learning a variety of topics every day.


Effective Communicators who:

  • Read with fluency, comprehend, and utilize the information they acquire.

  • Express ideas and opinions, both written and orally, in an appropriate manner according to Derech Eretz guidelines.

  • Are capable of listening and considering the views of others.

  • Comprehend and integrate new information.

  • Readily ask questions when they lack understanding.


Critical and Analytical Thinkers who:

  • Understand the cause and effect of their actions.

  • Apply learned skills to new situations.

  • Develop the ability to problem solve academically and socially.

  • Utilize academic resources to become self-reliant and resourceful.

  • Analyze situations to determine the proper action based on values of respect and integrity.

  • Draw conclusions based on facts.


Effective Citizens who:

  • Take responsibility for their work, actions, and personal property

  • Understand that success in life is measured not only academically, but also by one’s individual talents and interpersonal relationships.

  • Show tolerance towards others and accept all individual differences: cultural, academic, and physical.

  • Demonstrate skills in resolving conflicts through positive, non-violent means.


Growing Young Adults who:

  • Recognize that success can be measured by the effort exerted.

  • Strive to reach their own individual potential, based upon their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Have a high self-esteem engendered by academic and non-academic successes accompanied with pride in association with the Chabad community.

  • Have the highest regard for the Creator, His Torah, His people, and His world; demonstrating this regard through outreach and charity work.