Building Chinuch Up!

Demolition Progress

5000 W PICO - PICO BLVD 10-18-2023, 8-22-26 AM.jpgROSCOES LOT 10-18-2023, 8-23-19 AM.jpg 


 09-15-2023 - Sholom (5).jpg09-18-2023 - Sholom (3).jpg09-18-2023 - Sholom (5).jpg09-21-2023 - Sholom (6).jpg09-21-2023 - Sholom (5).jpg09-21-2023 - Sholom (4).jpg09-21-2023 - Sholom (2).jpg09-21-2023 - Sholom (1).jpg

Demolition -September 14, 2023

2023-09-14 11.44.39.jpg2023-09-14 11.47.00.jpg2023-09-14 12.11.25.jpgDemo 9.jpgDemo 10.jpgDemo 11.jpgDemo 12.jpegDemo 14.jpegDemo 15.jpegDemo 16.jpegDemo 17.jpegDemo 18.jpegDemo 19.jpegDemo 20.jpegDemo 21.jpegDemo 22.jpegDemo 23.jpegDemo 24.jpeg Demo 4.jpgDemo 3.jpegDemo 1.jpgDemo 2.jpeg

Updates on the Campaign


We are excited to provide you with the following updates on the campaign:

  • Property purchase successfully completed in February 2022

  • Site and soil inspection completed to satisfaction

  • Hiring of S. Schreier & Associates, Inc. as project manager

  • Engagement of Gruen Associates as the architects for this project

  • Gruen, in collaboration with S. Schreier & Associates, has contracted the services of Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, and Civil Engineering firms, as well as other necessary consultants for the project

  • This week, the Gruen Associates team has submitted the plans for the new Cheder campus to the city's department of planning for their initial review!

Boruch Hashem, the plans are progressing according to schedule, and with the help of Hashem and the Rebbe's Brochos, we aim to continue this timely momentum, breaking ground at the beginning of 2024.



Updated Building Drawings

Here are updated drawings of the building!


NEW Renderings!












Architectural Plans Rough Draft #1

 Beautiful design of a 4 story building, first floor being parking and carpool, and a rooftop playground with basketball courts.1.jpg


Dedication Opportunities!

 Dedication Opportunities!


Celebrating Chinuch Event coming up!!

 Exclusive Live Event coming up next week!!


Cheder Menachem purchases a new place to call HOME!

 Cheder closes on a new property to one day call home.

Address is 5000 W. Pico Blvd. 90035

New property.jpg 

Yossi Percia -5.jpg 

Yossi Percia -12.jpg 

Yossi Percia -22.jpg 

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