On Taanis Esther Seven Rabonim from the Los Angeles area, visited Cheder Menachem and farhered some of the Talmidim in Mishnayos they have learned Baal Peh. The visiting Rabonim were R' Ezra Douek Rav of Kehillas Od Yosef Chai, R Yochanon Henig  Rosh Kolel Yechiel Yehuda, R' Shloime Klein  Rav of Ohr Hachayim Shul, R' Daniel Korobkin Rav of Kehillas Yavneh, R' Shimon Raichik Rav Khillas Levi Yitzchok Chabad, R' Chaim Boruch Rubin Rav of Eitz Chaim Shul and R' Yosef Shusterman Rav of Anash and Chabad N. Beverly Hills.

               Present at the Farher were Six students of the Cheder who have learnt at least 10 Masechtos Baal Peh, Menachem Farkash (age 12), who learnt all Shisha Sidrei Mishna Baal Peh, Levi Greenbaum (age11) who learnt Seder Moed and Seder Kodashim, Mendel Korf (age 13), who learnt Seder Moed, Levi Mishulovin (age 11) who learnt 11 Masechtos of Seder Moed, Yossi Raeburn (age 9) who learnt 10 Masechtos including Brachos, Avos and Masechtos from Seder Moed and Yossi Wolowik (age 13) who learnt Masechtos Moed, Nezikin and Kodashim.


            For one hour, the Rabonim challenged the Talmdim to say various Mishnayos of the Sedarim that they learnt, as well as various questions related to the understanding of the Mishnayos. Some interesting questions that were posed included a question like  "How many time is R' Yosei Bar Yehuda mentioned in Seder Moed and what is unique about this?" [Answer - twice, once he is meikal, and once he is machmir]. 
            The  Rabbonim were very impressed with the accomplishments and Yedyios of the Talmdim , and also pointed out the eidelkeit and Yiras Shomayim that could be seen on their faces. 
             Before the Rabbonim left, they were given a tour of the Cheder, and were presented with a Teshura - a Kuntres of Megilas Esther with Biurim of the Rebbe.


                     Also Present were Rabbi  Mendel Greenbaum, Menahel of the Cheder, Rabbi Sholom Heidingsfeld coordinator of MBP at the Cheder,  R' Mendel Goldman of the Cheder Board, and various Cheder Melamdim. 
               The Talmidim learnt these Masechtos as part of the Cheder's 11th annual Mishnayos Baal Peh Program, which runs from Yud Shevat until Yud Alef Nissan, in which students learn and are tested on Mishnayos, Tanya and other topics that they learn Baal Peh, as a present to the Rebbe for Yud Alef Nissan. The above-mentioned boys have learnt many Masechtos Baal Peh, yet they are not alone. They are joined by their fellow Talmdim of the Cheder, who are all participating,  in this beautiful present to the Rebbe. Thus far, Talmidim have been tested on over 1200 Perakim of Mishnayos, including 135 complete  Masechtos and 4700 lines of Tanya, including 90 complete Perakim Baal Peh. this one a few Masechtos, that one a few Perakim Mishnayos, Perakim tanya etc. It is worthwhile to note that due to the efforts of the Melamdim, and thanks to Chayolei Tzivos Hashem Tanya Baal Peh program, many Talmidim in the Cheder are fluent in the first two-three Perakim of Tanya Baal Peh.