The Bernie Ginsburg Mishnayos Baal Peh Program

The Bernie Ginsburg Mishnayos Baal Peh Program at Cheder Menachem, is a program, where children are encouraged to commit basic units of Torah Knowledge to memory.

 Throughout the year, as students learn tractates of Mishna, they commit them to memory, theuir learning staying with them forever.

In the last three years, entire classes have held a siyum where most boys in the class learnt the entire tractate by heart, with the English translation, and all boys committed at least part of teh tractate to emmory.

Below is a Graph showing the  amounts learned over the last 19 years. 



3613 428 56 1 16142



3376 378 45 1 11548



5182 582 68   14108



4673 536 63 2 13083
התשע"ה 2015  6660 803 103 4 14603

התשע"ד 2014


6561 802 100  3 14416
ה'תשע"ג 2013 9040 1104 153 3 13,040
ה'תשע"ב 2012 9386 1149 149 5 12,154
ה'תשע"א2011 14,193 1786 219 12 11,265
ה'תש"ע2010 9778 1222 151 7 6459
תשס"ט2009 8924 1099 138 5 3008
תשס"ח2008 8466 1053 131 2 3527
תשס"ז2007 6858 792 94 2 3267
תשס"ו2006   714 84 1 2624
תשס"ה2005 5973 712 79   3657
תשס"ד2004 4106 486 55   1822
תשס"ג2003 3750 411 52   1472
תשס"ב2002 1758 186 18   1323
תשס"א2001 1057 91 8   1756
  Single Mishnas Chapters Full Tracta Orders of Mishna Lines of Tanya


The group of children being rewarded are very worthy our support. Some come from homes where just the necessities are able to be provided. As these children are amassing a wealth of knowledge, they earn points with which they can choose books for their own personal home library, something the family could ill afford on their own. 


In addition to the resulting academic achievements the boys learn very useful skills:

  • ·         Goal setting
  • ·         “Hard work pays off”
  • ·         The reward is commensurate with the effort put forth
  • ·         Ability to analyze the best path to earning their desired reward
  • ·         Having the wonderful feeling of Personal accomplishment



A very proud Jew, Bernie Ginsburg loved children and championed education. Being an instrumentation engineer, aka a rocket scientist, he championed logic and furthering and broadening the horizons of the minds of students.


The Mishnayos Baal Peh Program, encourages young minds to set their own goals and rewards them when they take from their own time, to excel and to commit to memory the complex and diversified logic system of the Oral Torah. Through this self-motivated pursuit, the students are able to cover material far beyond the regular curriculum of learning. This project is a fitting memorial to Bernie’s life and ideals.

As the Hebrew letters of Mishnah משנה, are the same as the letters comprising the word Neshama, נשמה, soul, this was an additional reason to have this project in Bernie’s memory. Our Sages tell us that when a Mishna is learned in the memory of a particular soul, it causes an “elevation” to that soul. If anyone of you would like to have the children learn in memory of your dearly departed, please include their “Hebrew” name and their father’s “Hebrew” name.



For more info, please email [email protected]