The ultimate of learning by heart is that you know and retain the words of Torah inside of you and you can access it at any time and always have the words of Torah in you.

What we are aiming for of course is complete mastery of the subject being learnt.

What happens if you are testing your child and he needs a help to remember?

The following are guidelines we have made.



FOR SIDDUR – Being that this is every day Davening, the talmid must be able to say that part of Siddur that he is being tested on, with no mistakes at all. If he makes even one mistake, he must do it over.

      FOR MISHNAYOS: If a child makes one mistake in a Mishna that will pass.

If he is doing a Perek Bvas Achas, one mistake per 3 Mishnayos.

      FOR TANYA:

If a child makes one mistake in a 3 lines of Tanya, that will pass

***Two helps (reminders of the next letter or word) is considered one mistake.***


The Talmid must know it perfectly, part by part

For Talmidim in כתה ג and above, they should do 3 items at a time